Building something new & growing every day: That’s the Titan way

The vision to create a new solution for home services is being realized here at Titan. We’ve built a strong foundation via a portfolio of technology solutions and home improvement providers to position ourselves for a future filled with continued innovation and growth.

Titan Holdings saw the opportunity to drive efficiencies, improve customer experiences, and instill technology in an industry historically slow to embrace change. With that as our cornerstone, paired with a commitment to deliver exceptional customer service, we’ve been steadily growing, innovating, acquiring and redefining the category. A deep, talented and custom-tailored leadership team is shaping a future that’s rewarding to homeowners and home improvement company owners alike.


Combining technology with humanity to create the ultimate experience.

A software solutions engine that supplies home services companies with technology including a customer relationship management (CRM) system, mobile apps, AI and machine learning applications, and operational process flow to fuel workflow, efficiency, productivity and the customer experience.


A carefully curated portfolio of leading home improvement service providers hand-selected from across the United States. Renuity combines the efficiencies, resources and economies of scale with the personal attention, customer-focus, local know-how, and reliable workmanship of highly regarded local professionals.


Our people and our culture are our Titans.


We believe that the way we treat our teammates translates to the way we treat our customers.


We are changing the way things are done. And we need different people and different minds to do that.


We believe in doing the right thing – no matter what.


At Titan, we believe that we are never done improving. Let’s shoot for the moon. That’s our goal as we build a high-growth environment of home services innovation.


We believe in hiring singularly talented employees that, through teamwork, can elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.


We are proud of our accomplishments – and will always strive for more.

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Top Remodeler 2021


Daniel Gluck

Chief Executive Officer

Artemio Garza

Chief Growth Officer

Jeff Nutkis

VP of Corporate Development

Bill Baker

Managing Director

Bill Ryan

Chief Financial Officer

Brittany LaBovick

VP of Human Resources

Sangram Birje

Senior Vice President of Data

Eric Hayes

Senior Vice President of Operations

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